Just Desserts

Dec 19, 2021

Nothing tops off a great meal better than the perfect dessert. Whether you are celebrating a holiday or a personal milestone or feel the need to pamper yourself, the successful dessert is as emotionally fulfilling as it is tasty.

Great desserts combine presentation, balanced flavors, and interesting textures, —each bite is an experience in and of itself. They can be as elaborate as Bananas Foster — prepared table-side with an impressive flaming finale—or as simple as that ever-popular Cannoli— a crispy tube filled with creamy goodness accentuated by a satisfying crunch.

Our favorite is Cheese Cake.

You could say the Greeks invented cheesecake. They kneaded honey into fresh feta and bake it over hot coals in an outdoor brazier. Sort of a Vegan BBQ is before tofu.

The credit for creating the NY cheesecake goes to Arnold Reuben, the inventor of the Rueben and other sandwiches.

He was served a cheese pie at a party and was less than impresses. His breakthrough innovation came about when he tried using cream cheese— a recent invent by James Craft, founder of Kraft Foods.

His New York-style cheesecake soon began popping up in restaurants and delis throughout the city. In 1950, Junior’s opened in downtown Brooklyn, and today it still serves what many consider “the city’s best cheesecake.”

A healthy, and delicious alternative!

She Imagined Sweets creates mini-cheese cakes in a variety of flavors, all made with high quality ingredient such as bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. We even have a Vegan line of cheese cakes.

Since they are bite-sized they are perfect for dinner parties and events—you can sample several flavors without feeling stuffed—and if you’re watching your weight, they are perfect for portion control.

She Imagined Sweets, try a bunch today!