Her Sweet Journey....

“There is art behind food and dessert, and where there is art
there is passion, imagination and creativity”

About Zuirrae



Entrepreneur, artist and business owner, Zuirrae Mitchell founded She Imagined Sweets in Newark, New Jersey in 2011. Specializing in one-of-a-kind bite-sized cheesecakes as well as coordinating intimate events and dessert tables in New York, New Jersey and Miami, Florida. A student of the International Culinary Center, Zuirrae knew that she wanted to start her own business after completing the first baking course. She loves to create artistic and delicious desserts with high quality ingredients that reflect her God given gifts. Her popular confectionery creations provide portion control, while maintaining delicious and immense flavor that Zuirrae proudly says, “Makes You Feel Like A Kid Again!” The She Imagined Sweets Traveling Dessert Party shines light on Zuirraes dessert creations as well as putting a high focus on the arts and entertainment.

After receiving her undergraduate degree, during a challenging time, Zuirrae took a job that did not feed her inner artist. Unfulfilled, she found the courage to quit and move toward her life’s passion. She credits prayer and faith in God with helping her move forward despite setbacks. Zuirrae shares with many that God spoke to her, giving her the vision and determination to pursue her true calling: making herself and others happy by simply using her Art in all its forms. She reached for her inner child, focused on the art of imagination and started She Imagined Sweets, providing bite-sized cheesecake and entertainment services with She Imagined Sweets Models who are hand selected for their personalities, talent and charm.

Zuirrae’s unique vision and appreciation of culinary artistry is the inspiration behind her exclusive bite-sized cheesecakes and events. She also offers scrumptious vegan desserts for sale, including a line of cheesecakes made with a cashew batter and innovative crust options including graham cracker, walnut, almond and coconut. Zuirrae’s sweets far surpass the average cheesecake with their texture and taste, which Zuirrae describes as “neither heavy, nor cheesy.” Zuirrae’s mission is portion control and the ability to enjoy a small treat that is rich and satisfying with one bite.

Zuirrae’s clients include NYFW Fashion Gallery, Shen Yun Performing Arts, Rutgers University, Lord & Taylor and Bijou Bridal, just to name a few. Zuirrae has been featured in food blogs, and has been showcased on LIVE television with the WTNH Morning news. She Imagined Sweets bite-sized cheesecakes are available for online orders or you can catch the She Imagined Sweets Traveling Dessert Party in your neighborhood!