The Best Bitesized Cheesecakes in the Tri-state
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Our Montclair mini cheesecake company offers delicious specialty flavors, thick moist crust and creamy sweet textures. Personal orders are welcome year round.

She Imagined Sweets

is a boutique Montclair mini cheesecake company located in North New Jersey that delivers a wonderful and unique culinary experience for everyone to enjoy. Our bite-sized cheesecakes are the perfect elegant dessert and the topic of the party or at any occasion. She Imagined Sweets is perfect for any birthday, wedding, bridal shower, corporate event, cocktail party, office party, dinner party and more.

She Imagined Sweets works with event planners, realtors for open houses, churches, schools and other nonprofits for fundraisers and more. She Imagined Sweets is the perfect Montclair dessert delivery company and caterer with our unique bite-sized cheesecakes that are always served with a shiny mini fork.

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